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About Us

🌟 Welcome to Sitter4Paws: A Pet Sanctuary by Juan & Kelly Alvarez

Discover the heart of pet care at Sitter4Paws, founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, CA, by Alexandra Alvarez and Andres De Oliveira. Today, our sanctuary is led with passion and commitment by Juan & Kelly Alvarez. Our story is woven with a legacy of continuous growth and unwavering devotion to excellence.

πŸ’‘ Innovation Across the Industry

Juan & Kelly’s innovative minds have left an indelible mark on the pet and house service landscape. From developing a cutting-edge concierge cleaning app to managing vacation rentals with precision, and offering in-home checkings and plant care solutions – they’ve been the driving force behind our success.

🏠 Sister Companies Making a Difference

Their devotion to customer service extends to our sister companies, such as Wave House Cleaning. With over 15 years of service and a stellar reputation, Wave House Cleaning has garnered over 1000 5-star reviews across the CA, AZ, Texas, and FL markets. It’s a testament to Juan & Kelly’s commitment to excellence.

🌿 Complete Solutions for Your Needs

Under their leadership, Sitter4Paws has thrived in providing comprehensive solutions for pets and homeowners alike. From pet care to concierge services, vacation rentals to in-home checkings, and plant care – Juan & Kelly have ensured that every aspect is covered for our valued customers.

πŸ’– Long-Standing Devotion to Excellence

Juan & Kelly Alvarez stand by a long-standing devotion to excellent customer service. Their unwavering commitment has shaped Sitter4Paws into a hub of professionalism, where your Furfriend journey is enlightened by fully trained pet sitters who share their passion.

Join us in experiencing Sitter4Paws-Loving-Professional-Vibes, where innovation meets dedication, and every pet is treated with the love they deserve.🐾✨